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5 Things To Think About Before Setting Up Private Medical Insurance.

Updated: Jan 23, 2023


Your health is your most important asset. When it comes to medical insurance, we understand that securing quality cover which matches your medical needs is just as important as getting a great price. With access to the very best providers in the private medical insurance market we will take all of your needs into account when finding you a policy.

In this article we have collected our Top 5 Things To Think About Before Taking Out Private Medical Insurance.

"Health is not valued until sickness comes"


1. Consider your current and future health needs - Before you decide to purchase private medical insurance, think about your current and future health needs. Is there a particular condition you're looking to cover, or are you simply looking for a more comprehensive health care plan? Think back to your family medical history, the line of work you are involved in or any activities you love, are you likely to come across an injury while being involved in them?

2. What is the cost? - It's important to consider the cost of the policy and what it covers. Like everything in this world, it has a price, and everyone has a different budget that meets their needs. So make sure you are aware of how much you can afford and incorporate this into your monthly out-goings.

3. What are the exclusions? - Make sure you check what is and isn't covered by your policy. Some policies may exclude certain treatments or procedures, and some wont cover certain sporting activities; so make sure you fully understand what your policy covers before signing up for Private Medical Insurance.

4. Make sure you understand the benefits of Private Medical Insurance - With NHS waiting lists getting longer, budgets facing further cuts and more uncertainty than ever, there has never been a better time to put in place private medical insurance. Policies are designed to ensure that should you require medical treatment, you can take advantage of private treatment without worrying about the cost. Private medical care boasts short waiting times, specialist referrals and outstanding care, which can be expensive.

5. Is there a choice of hospitals? - If you're interested in choosing a particular hospital or doctor to receive treatment from, make sure that your policy offers a range of options. If you need to discuss this further our friendly advisors are always here to help and can be contacted here.

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