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How Much Does Critical Illness Insurance Cost?


When the topic of Critical Illness Insurance comes up, one of the biggest questions asked is...How much is this going to cost? The more important question is, how much is this going to cost if i'm critically ill and can no longer work?

In this article we are going to look into some of the deciding factors that will affect your monthly premium for Critical Illness Insurance.

"If you become ill or subject to life changing injuries could you keep the family within the family home?"


There are many different factors that come into play when deciding on your Critical Illness Insurance, such as:

1. Do you Smoke? - Your smoking status plays a huge deciding factor on your monthly costs. This is because it is seen as a harmful habit and you are more likely to develop an illness such as some forms of cancer because of it, meaning you are more likely to make a claim with the provider.

2. How much cover do you want? - The amount you want to be covered and for how many years you want cover for, also plays a huge role on how much your monthly premiums will be. For example, if you want cover for 10,000 over 30 years this will be considerably cheaper compared to someone who wants cover for £100,000 for 30 years. If you would like to discuss this further our friendly advisors are always on hand to help and can contact us on 0333 188 7617. We are always here to help every step of the way.

3. If a Dr is still investigating into any health issues at the current time. - Any health issues you may have or are investigation into having can again cause your monthly premiums to increase. The more likely you are to make a claim the more your monthly premium will be. Of course, depending on the provider you choose to go with will offer a different monthly cost, so make sure you research into each individual provider before making a decision to make sure you are getting the best deal.

4. Your age - Your age also plays a big role in your monthly costs. The older you are the more likely you are to make a claim and this will reflect in your monthly premiums. It's recommended to get covered as early as possible to save you money on your monthly out-goings.

5. Hobbies & lifestyle - Believe it or not the lifestyle you live such as hobbies and smoking will also effect your monthly premiums. If you are involved in extreme sports this will also play a small effect on your cover plan as you are more likely to make a claim and the company will have to make a payout.

In summary, there is NO straight forward answer to how much your monthly premiums will be to take out Critical Illness Insurance. We always recommend speaking to a financial service provider before making a decision on what provider to go with.

We are here to help and can be contacted on 0333 188 7617 or fill out our contact form here.

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