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Whether you're looking to insure your life, home or income, we'll find you a great policy at a great price.

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We are a professional and friendly team with many years’ experience in financial services providing an excellent, impartial service.

Fully independent and not tied to any financial institutions, we give you access to the full range of insurance providers.

Financial Analyst

Income protection insurance


If you were to take time off due to being unfit for work, you could insure and continue to receive up to 70% of your income.

Leg Injury

ASU insurance


Insure important payments such as mortgages, rent or essential bills that may be unaffordable if you are unable to work.

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Life insurance


Pays out a lump sum or regular income if the insured person passes away. We offer several types of life insurance.

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Home insurance


Pays out enough to put right any damage, or cover any loss, as a result of an insured event to your home and belongings.

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Private medical insurance


Cover the costs of priority appointments and care through a private healthcare provider, from a check up to major surgery.