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What Resources Are There For Parents With Critically ill Children?


In 2018 the number of children in the UK with life-threatening conditions increased to over 86,000. As a parent, this is the last thing you would think could happen to your child, but researching and learning all the possible resources out there available for you can make the journey slightly easier.

In the UK, there are several resources available to help parents with critically ill children. Here are some of the most important ones:

  1. National Health Service (NHS): The NHS provides healthcare services to everyone in the UK, including critically ill children. They offer a range of services, including emergency care, specialist treatment, and long-term care. Parents can access NHS services by contacting their local hospital or healthcare provider.

  2. Children's Hospices UK: Children's Hospices UK is a national charity that supports families with critically ill children. They provide respite care, emotional support, and practical advice to families in need. They also work with healthcare professionals to improve care for children with life-limiting conditions.

  3. Ronald McDonald House Charities UK: Ronald McDonald House Charities UK provides accommodation to families with critically ill children who are receiving treatment at hospitals far from home. They have 11 houses across the UK and offer a "home away from home" for families in need.

  4. Bliss: Bliss is a UK charity that supports families with premature or sick babies. They offer emotional support, practical advice, and advocacy to families in need. They also work to improve the care of premature and sick babies in the UK.

  5. Together for Short Lives: Together for Short Lives is a UK charity that supports families with life-limiting conditions. They provide emotional support, practical advice, and advocacy to families in need. They also work to improve the care of children with life-limiting conditions in the UK.

These are just a few of the many resources available to parents with critically ill children in the UK. It's essential to speak with your healthcare provider to get more information and guidance on what resources are available to you in your local area.

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