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If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy life insurance provider, Guardian 1821 Life Insurance is an excellent option. With their comprehensive coverage options, innovative product offerings, and commitment to financial strength and customer service, Guardian 1821 can help provide you and your loved ones with the financial security and peace of mind you need.

It’s easy to assume all protection policies are the same apart from the price. That’s simply not true.

At Guardian, we believe the single most important thing about a protection policy is that it pays out quickly when you expect it to. So, we do a number of things differently to make sure our policies do just that.

*Taken directly from Guardian 1821 Website*

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Income Protection

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Perks & Benefits

Faster, Fairer Critical Illness Cover Payouts

  • Only require a written diagnosis from a UK consultant to payout.

  • Payout a percentage of your cover amount as an additional payout for many illnesses that are in the early stages.

Better Cover For Couples

  • Many providers offer a joint life policy at a discounted price for couples. However, if one partner dies, the policy pays out and is then terminated which leaves the surviving partner with no cover. At Guardian, we offer a dual-life approach. 

24/7 GP

  • Unlimited access to a GP 24/7

  • Book a timeslot for your appointment that best suits you.

  • Private Prescriptions

  • Private referrals

Life Protection That Pays Out Sooner

  • Payout as soon as you’re diagnosed with incurable stage 4 cancer, motor neurone disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or Parkinson-plus syndromes even if you’re expected to live for longer than 12 months.

Childrens Critical Illness Cover

  • Children’s critical illness cover can be an optional extra. It can be added to either parent’s life, critical illness or income protection policy at any time, and we let you choose how much cover you need.

Second Medical Opinion

  • Guardian Anytime offers a confidential, face-to-face second medical opinion to policyholders if they’re diagnosed with a life-changing or life-threatening condition.  If the policyholder has Children’s Critical Illness Protection, all their eligible children are covered too.

What Our Clients Say

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Guardian 1821 Logo
"I’m a testament to the fact that critical illness cover isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s essential. The payout gave me the time to rebuild myself and rebuild my life. And it gave me a future to look forward to"
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