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Beagle Street is a leading life insurance provider in the UK, offering simple and affordable life insurance policies to help protect your loved ones financially in the event of your death. Their policies are designed to be easy to understand and purchase, with a quick and straightforward online application process. Beagle Street offers a range of different life insurance products, including term life insurance, decreasing term life insurance, and critical illness cover.

Life insurance is a policy to protect your family and dependents’ financial security by leaving them a lump sum if you pass away. 

With Beagle Street you are insured from the moment you purchase your policy, meaning you will have the peace of mind that those you care about most will be looked after.


This will help them continue their lives once you are gone and protect the legacy you were building for them. 

*Taken directly from Beagle Street website*

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Perks & Benefits

Estate Planning Kit

  • All policy holders can write a free simple will

  • Can leave an estate to a maximum of six beneficiaries

Loved One's Service

  • Loved one's services will help you share your policy information with those closest to you.

Counselling Support

  • Unlimited counselling support

Policy In Trust

  • Free trust tool to put your policy in a trust meaning payout doesn't need to go through probate.

  • Meaning faster payout to your family.

Legal Advice

  • Free legal advice helpline

Early Funeral Payout

  • Beagle Street offer an early funeral payout which provides an advance of up to £5,000 to cover the cost of the deceased's funeral.

What Their Clients Say

Image by Mark Rimmel
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D . Stevens

"I couldn't fault beagle street, from the advisor dealing with my application to the products they offer. They offer total piece of mind for if the worse does happen and the price is great."
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